RentaHedge Provided Hedge Screening For BT Live, Hyde Park

During the London Olympic Games in 2012, RentaHedge was contracted to supply live hedge screening for the two-week long BT London Live set. This free celebration in the centre of London saw millions of visitors celebrating the Olympic Games, so naturally, everything had to be perfect.

RentaHedge provided the extra details necessary to take the event to the next level. Our tree screening created a natural aesthetic that surrounded certain areas of BT London Live. Our range of fully living hedges made the perfect boundary solution for both entry and exit and created the ideal natural backdrop required to reflect the festival vibe.

How Were RentaHedge’s Products Used At BT Live?

The event management team for BT London Live required a boundary solution to screen the view of the mainstage to queuing guests. There was also then the dual-requirement to direct guests along a particular walkway, guiding them in an orderly fashion into the event. RentaHedge provided the necessary components to achieve such necessities.

The event itself was a resounding success, made even more special by the event management team taking into consideration all elements to generate a special atmosphere.