Chester Zoo Used Us For Hedge Screening Solutions

RentaHedge hedge rental services provided extremely effective screening solutions for Chester Zoo during the Christmas season. The zoo wanted a charming, natural solution to restricting the view of its large marquee, which accommodated the Christmas ice rink. They wanted to ensure that the magic of Christmas was felt as soon as guests arrived at the zoo, so no effort was spared in creating a festive atmosphere from the start.

It was a tremendously fun day at the zoo for us, screening off the large marquee while the sense of childlike excitement buzzed in the air. We used a variety of small and large hedge planters to achieve the screening requirements of the zoo. After all, the marquee was quite a structure! However, in a matter of hours, the hedge screening was in place and guests were immediately faced with mysticism and anticipation.

Why Chester Zoo Chose Us For Instant Hedge Screening

Rather than using metal fencing disguised with printed canvas, or some other variety of solid screening, live hedging provides a natural aesthetic that reflects the tradition of Christmas. Chester Zoo wanted to create a holistic festive scene that began the moment guests arrived. RentaHedge has a variety of beautiful hedges to choose from, so Chester Zoo had the option to tailor the screening, both in appearance and set up, to reach the style expectations they had in mind.

Our experience working with the zoo was just as magical as the Christmas scene we worked to create together. We are always here for event planners looking to incorporate the charming extra features to take an occasion to the next level.