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Our Alternative Instant Hedging Solutions

Through RentaHedge, you also have the opportunity to rent an instant live hedge maze or purchase instant hedging to finalise your garden or landscape project. Our hedges are responsibly grown by horticultural experts and distributed by our trusted delivery service.ย ย ย ย 

, Other Products
, Other Products

InstaHedge For Permanent Hedge Solutions

We can supply you with immediate and permanent live hedge solutions, thanks to InstaHedge. We take the hassle out of growing and establishing hedges, and instead, have them delivered and ready to be planted straight into place.

We offer a huge range of options; not just your bog-standard hedge! From full-evergreen hedging to pleached tree screening, semi-mature trees to topiary pieces, InstaHedge has some fantastic products to give your project an extra style boost.

RentaMaze For An Added Touch Of Excitement

Perhaps you want to take your event to the next level, then we suggest a live hedge maze! Our mazes are created with ecologically-friendly hedges, and they promise to bring your event to life. Give your guests, visitors or clients an extra special and memorable experience with an exciting maze challenge. From Easter to Christmas, and from city centres to shopping precincts, we have created mazes for a huge variety of occasions and areas.

Make your event even more impressive with the addition of picket fences that wind through our hedge mazes; this offers even more of a fairytale experience. On delivery, we will set up the trees in the correct order to a specific maze plan. You can either create a maze plan yourself, or we will provide you with a custom design.