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InstaHedge For Instant Hedging Solutions

Different Hedge Products RentaHedge Supplies

Unlike RentaHedge, InstaHedge allows you to purchase an instant live hedge to complete your garden or landscape. InstaHedge provides instant hedges which are pre-grown, pre-established and ready to be planted into your garden or landscape to complete the final touch. InstaHedge provides an effortless solution to your hedging requirements; we remove the inconvenient time and effort that it takes to create a hedgerow in your garden or landscape plan.

What Plant Options Does InstaHedge Supply?

InstaHedge provides all the charming options as RentaHedge; from full-evergreen hedgerows, pleached tree screening, semi-mature trees to topiary tree sculptures, we supply a range of finishing pieces to your beautiful landscape. With a combination of our products, we offer customers the opportunity to transform their garden or landscape with some exciting focal points. Complete your project with wholehearted originality, and with minimal fuss.

Functions Of Instant Hedging

With InstaHedge products, you are able to generate a greater impact in your garden as all the stress is taken out your hands. Rather than labouring over the growth and establishment of hedges, we supply the pre-established hedging ready to be planted. In addition, we supply the topiary designs and screening necessary to transform your green space immediately.

For a stress-free, instant hedge solution in your garden or your landscape plan, choose InstaHedge for professional and friendly service. Our hedges are environmentally-friendly, pre-grown and ready to become part of your property.