Large Hedge Planters

The big hedging option

Here is our big hedging planters, which gives you a range of options for application to name but a few!

  • Screen off an area
  • Create a secluded atmosphere
  • Line an entrance
  • Create a maze
  • Use a backdrop
  • Create a garden at a wedding

There are so many areas for our laurel RentaHedge, some common uses and a few uncommon uses, but whatever you require you will get a natural fresh feel at your event, with live temporary hedging!

Here a range of photos of our big hedging, showing that whether it be a few meters of a few hundred meters all our big hedging planters are all the same, giving you uniformity confidence that the quality is throughout our hedging.

Case Studies

Before & After

Here you can see some of our past projects to get inspiration or ideas for your own garden project.

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Looking for our other solutions?

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